Who's Good Story

A Game Changer in Corporate ESG Analysis

The existing perception of corporate ESG analysis products is that it’s pricey, results are too subjective and slow in delivery. Who’s Good turned to AI and public big data to deliver fact-oriented, real-time corporate ESG analysis that meets the true needs of our clients.

Why Who's Good

  • Time-sensitive: Time is the essence in finance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can process vast amount of information in a short span of time. Our powerful algorithm offers real-time in-depth corporate ESG analysis with out compromising its quality.
  • Objective: We turned to public big data and news big data as source to base our analysis on and to preserve impartiality. We leverage 350 public big data sources and 93 news data sources in Korea to uncover insights.
  • Insightful: Who’s Good ESG analysis coverage extends to all listed and non-listed companies in Korea. This allows us to provide a comprehensive insight into the Korean market.
  • Global approach to ESG: Our ESG research framework is built on international standards and principles including UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, ICGN and CFA Guidelines on Corporate Governance to meet the global standards.


A Unique Insight into the Asian Market


Comply with Global Standards

Our People

Our team is comprised of data scientists, academics and industry experts to bring high quality ESG analysis to our clients.

Thomas Yoon

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Suk Chun

Senior Strategy Manager

Maxim Nam

Director / Chief Product Officer

Kate Park

Admin Manager

Vasundhara Dehiya

Data Scientist

Sergey Leksikov

Software Engineer, Researcher

Lucas Seo

Data Analyst

Alex Syaekhoni

Data Scientist

May Lee

ESG Researcher

Soo Young Kim

ESG Researcher

Kelly Kim

Web Developer

Mario Jung